Are you a new home owner in SW Florida?

If so… Welcome to your new home!

Are you a new home owner? If not, do you plan on buying a home soon? Did it come with storm protection? Or is your protection up to code? If not maybe you would like to consider looking into getting some protection. Here at Eurex we offer many different types to accommodate all sorts of homes and personal preference.

Eurex Shutters is SW Florida’s leader in protecting families from outside elements. Whether it’s updating your outdated windows to new energy efficient impact windows, or covering your openings with one of our many types of protection, Eurex Shutters prides itself on giving you a quality product at a quality price.

Have you considered protecting your home and assets?

With insurance costs on the rise, and crime at an all-time high, storm and security protection is becoming a must for new home-owners. Living in Florida you can experience a wide variety of weather conditions and situations. One moment is sunshine and clear skies and the next its cloudy and storming. Having hurricane protection down here is one of the most smartest choices any home owner can make.

They have defense against the powerful sun, winds, rain, and debris. Not only protecting you from the constant changing weather but also protecting from other hazards like burglars. While your home is protected and you feel nice and secure it also adds a sense of style and beauty to the home as well. There are a couple examples of homes that we’ve done below. In the examples shown are the Colonial style shutters and the Bahama style shutters.

We are SW Florida’s oldest storm and security protection company, being family run since 1986. We would love to sit down with you and show how we can make your home more energy efficient, more protected, and possibly save you money on your insurance. Our estimates are free and you will meet directly with the owners to see the best products for your home.

Again if you are a new home owner, Congratulations! We’d love to speak with you about protecting it!



Before the Colonial installation


After the installation You can see the difference, no?


Bahama installation on the beach

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