Now offering our ‘Buy Back’ Discount

Are your shutters or hurricane protection up to the newest building code?

Eurex Shutters is now offering an upgrade program. For its customers that have had shutters installed before the new Florida Building Codes were put into effect. Our Buy Back program is designed to help you upgrade your protection at a discounted price.

Many shutters that were purchased before 2001 do not qualify for the new building codes and standards. With that being said, they do not qualify for insurance discounts. Many home owners are unaware of this so we would like to get the word out. If you know someone who has recently purchased a home or condo that has hurricane shutters you may want to speak with them. They would most likely appreciate you letting them know that information. If you refer them to us you would be eligible for our customer appreciation program. Which you can find out more details in that article.

Eurex Shutters would like to help out our customers by offering a “buy back discount”.

For the customers that are interested in replacing their old shutters with our new “code plus” shutters. Not only are you upgrading your existing hurricane protection to the latest style. Your also doing it at a lower cost as to buying new shutters outright. In some cases our representative may suggest that it would be better to buy a whole new system rather than upgrading. But in most cases they will try to help you out and come up with a solution to work with what you have.

Even if you may not have our shutters and they are not up to the newest code by your knowledge, contact us.  We can still give you a special on upgrading what protection you may have.


Shutters before code/used storm bars


Shutters after code/don’t need storm bars

We would again like to thank you for choosing Eurex. We’d love to discuss upgrading your products to the strongest systems in the industry. If you would like to know what your shutters are rated for, please give us a call for a free consultation.

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